16 comments on “1.3 Leisure day

  1. Aww poor Presley. Sucks that she’s acting the way she is. Obviously she has some really deep-rooted issues. She definitely doesn’t need a relationship right now.

  2. Lucy… why? 😦
    Alchol is bad, it can lead to bad things and look at what you did girl! She can call herself lucky if she don’t end up pregnant!
    I have a bad feeling now, things will go to hell, because Lucy can’t feel anything for Presley. Probably because he isn’t the right guy, but I feel sad cause their friendship might end now 😦
    She should have listened to herself and said stop… Well, I wish my best luck to the girl! 🙂

  3. Awww, they had such a wonderful day together! Sigh, but then alcohol made her lose her way in wanting to keep him a friend! Eeek! I’m happy that he likes her so much, maybe it’ll eventually sway her to give him a chance, he seems like such a nice guy!

  4. Awwwh i feel terrible for both Lucy and Presley…:( I hope this just all blows over and they can go back to being friends, or maybe more…I’m not gonna push it for now xD

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