13 comments on “1.4 Lucy the coward

  1. Lol, I totally do that – throwing myself into my job to avoid things in my life. I hope Lucy works up the nerve to face her problems though. 🙂 They don’t just go away, (as much as I always pray they do. 😛 ).

  2. Awwww Lucy you just need to talk to him! He seems to really care for you. *sigh* I hope they work things out, Another awesome chapter!

  3. Ok enough is enough….just talk to him already. I feel so bad for Presley. He seems really sad at her brushing him off like that.

  4. Oh little Lucy, why do you do this? I feel bad for both Presley and Lucy; first, he likes her and she just ignores him. He just want to talk. Second; Lucy did it on her own will, but she feels bad for it and don’t know how to face him now. She’s all alone, cause it seems that he was her closet friend. I just feel bad for them. But the chapter title works perfect for this chapter! ^^ Lucy really is a coward right now XD
    Ah, I really have to stop taking so long to read this!! This is great stuff 🙂

  5. SIGH Lucy, you need to stop it, girl! His voicemail was sweet, and so was his gift that he left her to find. He’s trying so hard, it’s really cute. Do the right thing, Lucy! *reads on* XD

    How long is Lucy gonna keep avoiding him? Presley’s trying to make it right, even though he didn’t do anything wrong… </3 Poor presley…

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