24 comments on “1.5 One heck of a day…

  1. I love your story so far. Just wondering, what is the world you are using because its beautiful!

  2. Sigh, I’m not sure what Lucy expected when she finally worked up the nerve to talk to him. He’s only human, he’s going to be hurt by the way she was treating him. She knew she was hurting him, even as she did it. Even still – that really doesn’t give him the right to call her damaged. There’s no sense in accusing someone and trying to tell them what’s wrong with them, and no matter how nice he seemed, if that’s how he handles an argument, then maybe he wouldn’t have treated her as well as he promised. 😛

    I’m glad she resolved to fix her life though :). For a moment there, when she was hanging out in the graveyard, I was a little worried about what she was planning…

  3. :S I feel really bad for Lucy more so the Presley. Just for the fact that I think Presley was expecting way too much from her. I feel like there were moments when he sooo knew he was being friendzoned but didn’t want to take a hint. So I feel like him calling her damaged wasn’t called for. Besides they were both drunk when they slept together. I don’t think that counts on the whole “I’m doing this because I like you” scale. *rants some more*
    Anywho loved this chapter as well!

    • Thanks for defending my heir. I felt bad for both of them. Lucy has been through a lot, and even though that doesn’t make it right how she acted, it does at least explain her behavior a little. I think Presley should have given her more time instead of being so forward. Thx for reading!

  4. I agree, Lucy was asking for that, the way she treated him. I still feel bad for her though. Well for both of them.

  5. Lucy is a useless whore. If I were a zombie I wouldn’t eat her. She probably tastes like dirty pussy.

    • LOL aww Poor Lucy! ROFL. If I were a zombie I wouldn’t eat her either, she’s very scrawny, not a lot of meat on the bones. Thanks for the comment skankles. (Lauren is a real life friend of mine) Haha!

  6. Well, at least she went over there and told him she was sorry, now it’s all in due time where one of them comes back to the other! I have a feeling this won’t be the last of Presley, which by the way, YAY. Hahahaha

  7. At the sentence “Always alone…” I suddendly thought of forever alone… and that’s so wrong! Lucy will find someone that will love and live happy ever after ^^ I know it! I feel sorry that she lost her friend, but it was good to say sorry at least. I have a feeling that soon things will turn around for Lucy, it just need time; she might be broken, but I know that she’ll whole again some day 🙂

  8. I guess Presley has a right to be angry, but I expected him to be somewhat…civil about it. He leaves her lovely voicemails, he writes her letters, he leaves flowers on her doorstep, and then yells at her when she tries to apologize…I feel bad for Lucy more than Presley now 😛

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