17 comments on “1.6 University Life

  1. Lol Skip is hilarious….he’s hot though but such a waste. Hopeless Lucy can find someone hot and useful at the same time. I still have my fingers crossed for her and Presley though.

  2. Yay! She did it! I’m glad college was fun for her. The whole time I was thinking, “Ugh, Skip.. Just stop!?” hahaha I don’t like him.. -___-
    Yay to coming home, too! Maybe her and Presley will rekindle that fire! I hope. :O

    • Skip was a total douchebag. He was always strutting around like a fricken peacock in his purple undies. I hate guys like that. But he was great for comedic value. LOL

  3. “Snoring like a buffalo” XD That made me laugh and so did Skip when he passed out like a little pansy! X3 I’m so proud of Lucy, fixing college/university like a real pro! The university expansion is really fun, I’m glad you included it 🙂 I wonder what will happen once she gets home? :3

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