15 comments on “1.8 The fallout.

  1. Caught up… hm. How long, exactly, was it that Rob was put to prison? I wonder if we will meet him soonish *evilgrin*
    Love the story so far! 😀

  2. Finally….lol. I’m glad Lucy found a new man and one that isn’t a total waste of space. And he’s hot too. Ugh…why won’t Lobelia go away?????

  3. Jesus, that Ice Cream Man IS stalking her.. LOL! I noticed it like 35832507 times outside of her house, wtf.. Hahaha!
    Aww, Sam is so awesome to her, I love it. I’m happy she found someone else, even though I kind of got attached to Presley.. Haha
    Lobelia… *shakes fist angrily* FUCK OFFFFFFF!

    • LMAO! Yeah day and night the ice cream truck was always parked outside the house. Kind of creepy, especially if you’ve watched the show Dexter, or the movie Legion. ROFL. Maybe the ice cream truck has bodies in the freezer compartment. O_O. Yeah Sam is a nice guy, but Story Progression had already gave Presley a girlfriend with a baby on the way, so I just went with Sam. LOL

  4. Oh…oh….OHH!!! :O I want to kill Lobelia so badly, but can’t. Interesting thou that you got to know a little about her and her fire interest…
    Then wow, life suck right now for little Lucy. But it looks like things will get better *hint, hint*.
    *Drools and whistle* Wow, that’s once gorgeous looking dude named Sam. I like his eyes… and I liked the part in the haunted house! XD Shameless Lucy! X3

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