20 comments on “1.10 Life.

    • Thank you! But all credit goes too Mod The Sims for there hospital set. 🙂 I got the poses from there too. I loves it. 🙂 Thanks for the comment. 😀

  1. Oh no! I was getting all excited about how nice their new home was and about cute toddler Aaron, and then… Poor Lucy! This is a really good story 🙂

  2. Nooooooooooooo…not Sam. I was just getting used to him. Poor Lucy. Now she has to raise those three young kids alone. So sad!

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    • You are correct! She did do this. You can read more about that on the short story called Lobelia’s story. You can find that in the tab up top called Chapters. Its under Lucy’s generation.

  4. …*cries floods* why did the happiness have to end?! WHY?! Everything was so nice and happy; they had a growing family and now… Sam will be missed, I liked him a lot. He was the kind of guy I would love to meet, but always when you find someone like him, something will come and kill your darling. I really loved this chapter, even if it was sad and wished that you could like a million times on this. Now, excuse me while I go crawl up in my bed and cry the whole night :3

  5. I just started reading yesterday and this is the best legacy blog I have read and I have read a lot the past couple months. This chapter was so sad though. You do an amazing job on the story line and the pictures.

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