20 comments on “2.3 Intervention!

  1. Milo and Cara have a special place reserved for them in h__l. Make something really horrid happen to both of them for me, please!! Milo could end up a homeless wino laying in an alley in his own filth. Cara disowned by her family, penniless and working as a towel girl at the club that Bree ends up OWNING! Would serve them both right!!

  2. I suspected Cara was doing Milo from that other chapter, but then Milo came over to Bree’s house, so then I wasn’t sure again. Stupid Cara. It’s too bad Milo doesn’t seem to think he has a drinking problem. I didn’t think Cara would be much help at the intervention considering my suspicions about her. I’m glad Brennan didn’t yell at Breelynn when she came over, the poor girl.

  3. … well one thing is for sure, Bree will never have to blame herself for not trying.
    So Milo was with Cara all the time, huh? Guess that means, technically, that he was cheating on Cara with Bree, not the other way round *lol*
    Stupid bastard. I really hope he will come around eventually and manage to be a father, at least
    Great chapter!

  4. Milo isn’t ready to admit he has a problem, so he’s not going to get help. I’m glad Bree tried to give him a chance when she found out she was pregnant, but I’ll be honest, the baby will be better off without a drunk dad around.
    I figured he was probably seeing other girls, but it’s really sad Bree’s own friend was with him. Cara is not much of friend.
    I hope Bree can move on and find a better man and better friends! And I hope Milo never gets near his child unless he sobers up.

  5. lol I kinda guessed the story might beheading in this direction. I hope Bree gets it together!


  6. Bree is so right, Cara and Milo deserve each other. This chapter was really good! Life is about to change for Bree and I really hope it’s for the better 🙂 She’s so lucky she’s got her family. Can’t wait to read more, now I must sleep 🙂

  7. Yeah I saw that one coming, as soon as she called Cara and she didn’t want to talk about Milo, I knew she was balling him. I’m sure Bree will bounce back

  8. Awful….just awful. Her own bestfriend at that. Ughhh….I feel like slapping them both. Poor Bree. I knew it was Cara all along.

  9. Ughh! I knew Cara wasn’t to be trusted.. I had a feeling that she was with Milo. 😦
    EEeeeee! A baby!!! *clears throat* Sorry.. I get excited whenever a baby is announced, for any story.. >_> Hahahaha I feel bad for Breelynn still, though.. I just want bad things to stop happening to her, and I want her to be happy! T_T

  10. Milo is a chump. But maybe he’ll turn himself around a little to get a chance to be in his child’s life. Really, Cara is the crazy one. Poor Bree – at least she has family to lean on!

    • Milo is a chump. Indeed. And yes, Cara is the worst friend ever. Milo may be an ass, but Cara is even worse…And you are right, Bree has a good support system. Thanks for reading hun 🙂

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