20 comments on “2.4 The past and present.

  1. Hm! Looks like things did not go to well for Milo in the meantime, huh? This is going to be interesting…

  2. Love the way you handled your game issues–has happened to me before as well. Breelynn is such a good mommy, and the change in her personality since the issues with Milo and Kara are very believable. Milo–He better not hurt Breelynn or Cole! (Hires bounty hunter to go after the bad simmies.)

  3. -_- I hate Cara so effing much, even more than Milo. Spreading rumors is evil. I’m glad Breelynn moved away from them two dumbasses. Cole is soooooo cute! OMG he’s going to be a heartbreaker when he gets bigger. At least Milo did one thing right, pass his hotness down to Cole.

    • Ugh me too! I hate rumors. Cara is a crappy person for sure. I cheated and put Cole into CAS to see what he’d look like as a young adult. He’s pretty damn cute, he looks a lot like Milo, but with lighter coloring and blue eyes. I can’t resist CAS sneak peeks. I like making sure my sims don’t turn out too ugly. LOL. Except I’ve told myself that I will NOT edit them no matter how ugly they are. I do change the hair, clothes, and makeup though. 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

      • Haha, I’m the total opposite, I never look to see what they’ll look like as YA, because I want to be surprised. For that reason I always make sure for most of my stories to pick hot mates, Hehe then the offspring is sure to be supa hot.

      • Hehe. I was the little kid who peaked at her Christmas presents under the tree. Sneak peaking at my sim kids is the same thing. haha. I don’t always do it, but sometimes I do. I also try to create hunky mates for sim breeding….ugh we sound like pimps. LOL

    • Thank you so much! Not a single crash so far in new town. It doesn’t seem to have routing issues that I had before. I’m loving playing here. Its a gorgeous town. Its really pretty big despite what my pictures show. The lady who created the world did a wonderful job. Thanks for the comment!!

  4. Aww Cole is adorable. I hope Milo has changed his ways. How the hell did he find them though?

  5. Ummm… *pushes Milo off a cliff*
    *shark infested waters are at the bottom*
    There, that’s better.. XD UGHH!! I hate him so much.
    I’m glad Breelyn got Cole though and Milo didn’t, he had NO right to fight her for him like that! >_<
    Now, after all this time, he's at her doorstep? HFUSGHABG&^#$!

    • ROFL. Shark infested waters. LOL!! Milo is an ass! I’m glad Breelynn got custody as Cole as well. Milo couldn’t take care of a goldfish, let alone a baby! He’s an asshat!

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