23 comments on “2.5 Missing

  1. Ugh Milo, I just want to punch him… But on a happier note, yay for the adorable Cole getting back home safely. And um *cough* Detective White and Bree *cough* make a lovely couple~

  2. I hope detective white and Bree get together. I also hope Brennan finally finds somebody as well. Or maybe she should get a cat or something. lol crazy cat lady. Milo…. >.> needs to fall off the face of the earth. Awesome chapter I can’t wait to get caught up!

  3. I was on the edge of my seat this chapter, hoping MMilo didn’t hurt Cole. Poor Bree, to go through that. I jut hope Milo is too young to understand and doesn’t have issues later.
    Thank goodness for Detective Hot, uh, I mean, White. Yeah. Hopefully when Bree gets to feeling better and secure again, she’ll see what a catch he is.
    Also, before Cole got snatched, it’s nice to see that Bree really picked herself up and got her life together.
    Great chapter!

  4. *dies from Detective White’s hotness*
    I like how you said you were watching too many crime shows. I felt like I was watching Without A Trace, LMAO. I think your picture editing was gorgeous. Just like Detective White. *swoon* Wow… so that long hair from Milo must have been like a trick or something? So much like a crime show. I heart crime shows. This chapter was awesome.

    • omg. I love crime shows. I don’t think there is one that I haven’t watched. I have Netflix and I just went through all seasons of SVU. Yeah that took a long time. I have watched them all, name one and I’ve watched it. And yup, you got it. he grew out his hair so he could cut it and die it and look different.

      There was so much more I wanted to do, but the damn sims wouldn’t stay where I put them. I wish there was a freeze sim button! Thanks for reading!!!! 🙂

      • Did you remember to turn free will off? That usually works. If I have them sit on a chair or bed, sometimes the Sim does still get up and walk a few inches, but then they just stand there. Whoop whoop glad to see my crime solving instincts caught Milo’s trick.

    • Oh yeah free will off. I forgot about that. *Derp* LOL. I will try that for when I really need people to stand still and obey my every command. Muahahhhahaa!

  5. I’m so glad Cole’s safe. I hope Milo is locked up for life. They can throw away the key.

  6. Damn.. Hey, Detective White.. What’s up? Come here often, orr…? XD He’s hot, hahaha I hope him and Breelyn get together and make more babies ^_^
    HJFHSFDKGJD!!?!? MILO… FUCK OFF. *strangles him*
    I’m so glad that Cole is safe and sound now back in his wonderful mothers arms 😀

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