20 comments on “2.6 The Art Gallery

  1. SQUEE!!!!!!!
    So much hot cop to love. And now Bree is going to be Mrs. Hot Cop. awesome!
    I’m so happy how things are going for her.
    Also happy about Aaron, he seems to be doing well. And now to find a hot cop for Brennan.
    You do the first person really well. I can never pull that off, myself,

  2. Well, due to rl experience I am a bit sceptical about cops and marriage, but Shane IS hot and seems to be a decent guy, too. So yay! fro bree 😀

  3. YAY! So happy for them! Babies~~~~~~ And Cole is still adorable.

    The more I look at Shane the more he reminds me of my college graphics design professor. Kinda creepy once you think about it xD They wear their hair the same and have the same facial hair. Good thing my teacher was hot =P

  4. Awww Cole grew up cute 😀
    I’m happy to see that Shane and Breelyn have been dating, and he even proposed! *screams*
    I’m so glad things are going so well for her now! I wanna see more babies though, I hope her and Shane start trying for one together >_>

  5. Wow, after only a month, huh? Took me six years to get a diamond on my finger. 😉
    I hope she manages to get her sister a social life and I am very stoked for the wedding!

  6. At least there’s no more Milo to screw things up for everyone xD I wonder if he’ll come back…?
    He bought all of her pictures…wow. That’s a pretty radical way to get a girl to go out with you. xD

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