21 comments on “2.7 Sand in funny places, and umbrella drinks!

    • Its a gorgeous world! I used the traveler mod from Naaras industries so I can travel to other custom worlds. Its really so pretty there! I might have to go back there sometime! Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

    • I saw Shane in the shower, and I decided to snap his ass on a whim, and I added it in the story just for you. Seriously. I saw his ass and I thought of you. Weird, I know. Hahah!

      • AAAH! You thought of me?! Oh, that’s so cool. I love that. hehehe. Yeah, I know it’s not cause you think I’m an ass. You’re right, I always appreciate a nice, tight, pair of man buttocks. ROFL.

  1. OMG that world is gorgeous. I’m so happy for them. They are so in love, it is beautiful. Yayyyy at Bree being preggers again.

  2. Eeeeee! It looks like they had fun! I’m happy they Breelyn has finally found herself some happiness and has found an amazing man to be with!
    *screams again like in the last chapters commnet*
    Baaabbbbyyyy!!!! XD

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