22 comments on “2.8 Time passes

  1. BREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO T-T I actually liked her. Why????? *goes off to wail uncontrollably* But I guess the happy news is she’s preggers again? And Demi is my fave…. but….. but…. Brennan T_______T *sniffles*

    • I know, right? Its pretty sad. My daughter chewed me out for killing off a character. She actually cried. Well her eyes got all big and blue and shiny like she was starting to cry at least. I was having a bad day yesterday and was very grouchy. This was the outcome. haha! Naw, not really, I just felt like there was too much happiness the last few chapters and needed to shake it up a little. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

      • Understandable. I kill off characters for some of my stories left and right but that’s because they need to die xD and I just can’t handle what personality I gave to them =P

  2. Brennan! No! That’s truly awful.
    On the happier side, I love the new house,the twins are adorable, and yay for another baby on the way. But poor Bree, she was barely holding it together there with two toddlers and Cole being difficult. Now she’s dealing with the grief of losing her sister. And Shane being a cop…if he has to investigate Brennan’s murder, he could be in danger too. What a mess!
    Great chapter!

    • Yeah this newest pregnancy is going to be rough on her for sure. And she is going to be more worried about her family more then ever now. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  3. I felt like I was watching SVU. LMAO. Dude, those bloody pictures were great! Very effective. Poor Brennan though. Hopefully Bree and Shane can manage to stay out of danger, or at least Shane can catch the bad guys.

    • Yeah, I’m afraid I watch a lot of crime TV. Thanks! I know that was a lot of blood. I downloaded some blood spatter objects but I couldn’t find them since I have waaaaay to much C.C. So I used that oddly shaped red rug that I’ve never found a use for, but it makes a good bloody mess. It was until after the pictures were shot that I found under decorative objects the crime scene tape, and blood spatter objects. /sigh. Thanks for the comment!

      • O_O Holy crap, that’s a rug?! You are creative, darlin’. Can you tell I don’t decorate much? Haha. It’s all good I watch crime shows all the time, so much that I solve the crime with the crime team. LMAO. Oh yeah, I can relate to the downloading stuff, opens game, can’t find stuff I just downloaded. I usually have to look at least twice through the catalog of stuff before I find it, and I almost always look in the wrong category of stuff. *sigh* Haha.

      • yep, same here. I have so much decorative CC and stuff I call “Clutter” It takes me eons to find anything. I really need to give my game a good douching. >.<

  4. Oh no….this is so sad. To lose a sibling is horrid….to lose a twin is….there are no words to describe it.

  5. Oh wow! That’s so terrible! I’m so glad she didn’t walk up while it was happening, otherwise something terrible may have happened to her too!

  6. O_O
    First of all, yayyy for twins! They’re so adorable. I wish they were less crazy and didn’t cause Breelyn so much stress, but I guess that’s just how all kids are, hahaha. I wuv Cole, he’s going to brow up to be sooo cuuttteee T_T

    *falls to knees and screams* BREENNNNAANNN!
    😦 I can’t believe she died! Wait, or did she.. OMG *goes to next chapter*

    • For some reason the game loves giving me twins, I wonder if genetics play a roll in it or something. I don’t even watch the kids channel or listen to music. Second set of twins so far, and i’m only on generation 3…>.< Thanks for the comment 🙂

  7. I once had a sim named Talia Jones.

    Is that a coincidence… or are you stalking me like Milo or Lobelia? D:


  8. Why do I feel this somehow had to do with Milo?Maybe he’s trying to make her life a hell,and he started by killing her sister.I don’t know.
    (Yea,I kinda blame Milo for anything)

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