20 comments on “2.9 Grief

  1. This chapter was so sad. I feel like her life is steady falling apart. And her mom’s memory…. oh god I couldn’t handle that if it was one of my grandparents or mom. T-T Hope Shane finds the ass that killed Brennan. >n>

  2. So sad! Very well written. Hope Cole will be ok, he seems so quiet and i don’t know, troubled? I like to read about happiness, but it’s the hard times that really makes you feel for the sims. At least I think so 🙂

  3. So much drama. Poor Brennan. Ugh, I so dislike the fact that people get old. I’m pretty terrified myself of getting old. *changes subject* Shane is hot in his cop uniform and I totally get him wanting to go to work to get that nutjob off the streets. Cole… I hope he is okay after all of this trauma.

  4. Poor Bree! Everything is falling apart, I hope the situation doesn’t destroy her marriage. I understand why she doesn’t want Shane on the case, but I kind of knew he would be. He’s a cop, so he wouldn’t want to sit by and not work to catch someone who hurt his family.

  5. This is so heartbreaking….first Brennan and now her mom…she’s not going to live forever.

  6. 😦
    I still feel so bad for Breelyn, losing Brennan really took so much out of her.. I’m happy though to see that Shane is being a awesome guy and wants to stop at nothing to find out who did this and bring Breelyn some peace.
    O_O She’s pregnant again!? Damn, and I thought she was having a hard time as it was with the twins.. hahahaha I’m still excited though >_>

    • Shane must have super sperm, that or Breenlynn is just fertile mertle. LMAO. Yeah she has a rough time with twins, and now another is on the way…Glad its not me!

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