21 comments on “2.10 Nino Shapiro

  1. I like how you wrote the chapter. I feel sorry for the family and their grief. Hopefully things will get better. 🙂

  2. I liked Cole’s perspective, since no one really knows what’s up with him other than he’s kind of closed off. I’m also glad he knows about his crazy father. Ooh gun fight between Shane and Nino. Haha, Shane wins! Ugh, his cop uniform makes me drool so much. *dies*

    • I agree. it was my favorite too. I should have made it longer, but the chapter was already so long I didn’t want to bore everyone. LOL Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. I must say when Shane was shot at first, I honestly thought he really got shot. I was gonna be so angry xD. Really enjoyed the different perspectives on this. Still feel sorry for Breelynn’s mom. Stuff like that always tears me apart T-T

    • I feel bad for Lucy too. It scares me in way, i’m terrified of getting old. I think its because I work in a nursing home as a nurse. LOL. I see first hand a lot of sad stuff. 😦 And naw, i’d never kill off two characters back to back like that! Slap a bandaid on Shane and he’s good to go! 🙂 hehe. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Love the story! I read the entire thing today 😀 You had me on a roller coaster of emotions. And that is a wonderful thing. Hopefully now that Nino is dead, it will help the family move on. Hopefully Shane or another cop will get the bastard who shot Brennan. That way he can get his comeuppance as well.

    • Thank you hun! Naw this family has had enough heartache. My daughter honestly raked me over the hot coals for killing Brennan, so I don’t dare face her wrath again, well for now at least. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

  5. I was so afraid for Shane! I’m glad he got Nino, and I hope they catch Max. Then things can get better for the family.
    They’ll always have the sadness of Brennan’s death, but they can hopefully move forward.
    Awesome chapter!

  6. Such an odd coincidence that his boss thought there was a drug deal going down, and it ended up being the killers they’d been trying to find. Life can be funny like that though – giving you what you’ve been looking for as soon as you stop looking for it.

  7. Poor Breelynn and Cole. Both of them are having such a hard time right now.

    Wooo! Shane! *dances* I’m so happy he caught the guys who did it, well, at least he shot one of them! I’m so happy he’s still alive too, I was scared he might die.. T_T

  8. For a second…I thought Shane was dead.
    Milo and whoever that guy who killed Breelyn was,had affected Cole too.
    Also,I really hope Breelyn’s ghost would come to her.

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