17 comments on “2.11 Full house!

    • Thanks! Yeah I did. Not on purpose really. I went to customize my old one and accidently screwed something up, was browsing new layouts and accidently clicked accept new theme. So yeah. I was getting tired of the fish anyways. Didn’t really make sense although it was super cute. But change is good. It looks ok and works well for me, does it for you?

    • It is a little plain at the bottom, I think that’s cause we are used to seeing under sea stuff at the bottom. LOL. Oh well, I like change, as long as it functions ok and doesn’t get people lost, then I don’t care what it looks like. I tried to do my own background, and yeah that didn’t turn out so good. I’m not creative. lol

  1. Love the chapter, love the new theme ❤ And I love all of the kids T-T I can't choose… but I do have a favorite… ugh but I the other one too *mumbles to self* I'll flip a coin to solve this issue… like I do with most sim related choices xD

  2. Good job….I like all of the kids. Emelia is so adorable. It sucks that her sisters pick on her like that though.

    • Thanks for the comment! Yeah I like Emelia too, I love her hair, I was so surprised at the color she was born with and how pretty it is. Although, with my CC hairs it looks really good, but with the EA hair the game came with it looks horribly streaky due to her being a red head with blond streaks from her father. LOL

  3. I loved all of the different POV’s, it gives you more of an insight on each of the characters 🙂
    Cordelia looks so much like Shawn it’s ridiculous 😀
    I love Cole, he’s probably my favorite character so far xD

    • Glad you liked all the Pov’s I love doing them. Its so much fun! And yes, Cordelia does look a lot like Shawn. Strong genetics there! LOL. Cole has been my favorite so far. I ❤ him. 🙂

  4. “You make a better door than a window!”

    Ahh, memories. My family says that all the time…

    Just started reading. Great chapter ! I’ve wanted to start a Legacy for a while now, I started one a bit back called the McMahon Legacy, on WordPress, but it wasn’t that great to begin with, plus I lost my creativity/hit writer’s block, and my bipolar depression kinda got me on a low period…

    So yeah. Nice legacy so far!

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