13 comments on “Generation 2 Epilogue

  1. Yaaay for the Gallaghers! So happy to see them following their dreams 😉 The scene with Milo made me laugh a little too hard and poor Cara I guess? I didn’t really care for her but oh well. Can’t wait to see what Gen 2 holds out for \(‘3’)/

    • hehe! Thanks for reading! I loved the scene with Milo too. There was more I wanted to add but decided to keep it rated PG. LOL. I don’t feel bad for Cara either, I didn’t care much for her either after what she did to Bree.

    • LOL. Yeah, I figured I might as well make something nasty happen to the both of them. Yeah i’m not vengeful at all…*Whistles* Thanks for the comment!

  2. Well ain’t that karma….I’m glad the Gallaghers turned out alright. I’m happy for them, but it serves Milo and Cara right for the dirt they did.

  3. lol. Wow, way to kill off the horrible bitches of the past! I wish that was how it happened in real life…

    😛 That makes me a terrible person. Just pretend you didn’t read that.
    All I meant is karma really is something isn’t it. 😉 lol

  4. LOLL Milo.. You deserve everything you’re getting, and Cara deserved everything that she GOT as well! Yayee hahahaha.
    The girls all look so beautiful! But, I’m glad Cole won, I would’ve voted for him too.

    • LOL this was a fun part to write. I loved torturing Milo and Cara. I laughed with glee as she burned in the fire. Maybe i’m evil. Oh well. LOL. Thanks for the comment. And yay for Cole for winning!

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