18 comments on “3.3 Hello, and goodbye

  1. Oh nooo poor Cole. LMAO He’s still kinda pissed about Isabella leaving and now he’s supposed to go on a date? *hugs Cole* It’s ok… LOL.
    Maaaaxxxx I wuv you baby.

  2. Aww poor Cole, sulking and what not. It’s adorable xD Wondering if Izzy er… Isabella (sorry I call all Isabella/e’s Izzy) will come back… or if he will find another girl and who the blind date is o.o so many questions lol.

  3. Oh, poor Cole, he’s a victim of bad timing., Isabella probably isn’t ready for a new relationship anyway, being worried about her dad and still broken about Randall.

  4. Poor Cole…Isabella seems really nice and she’d pretty. I hope they find a way to be together somehow.

  5. lol. I agree – worst idea ever. 😛 They mean well though, and I guess that’s what counts. It should at least make for a funny story 🙂

  6. Aww, I like how he’s so broken up over her leaving, that’s so cute T_T
    Ugh, a blind date though? I’ve always hated the idea of those, it’s usually always so awkward!

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