20 comments on “3.4 Blind Date

  1. Max + Cordy = YAY! So glad about those two. I was wishing for this to happen xD
    Cole + Jewell = Nay >-> I don’t know… I don’t really like her. Maybe I’ll grow to love her =p Good chapter still.

  2. Yayyyyyy for Cole…..I’m glad he found someone. OMG about Max and Cordelia lol. But I guess I saw that coming.

    • I didn’t really plan on that, but people really seemed to like the two of them together, and since they both in game kept trying to flirt with each other I just let it happen. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. This was a really pretty chapter. The nightclub was really nice, and the wintery wonderland shots outdoors were just beautiful. Oh Cole, sigh. I thought it was funny when he wondered if there was something between Cordy and Max. Clear as day! lol.
    I like the difference between the two couples…Cordy and Max are dancing aggressively while Cole and Jewell are more shy. I thought it was funny that Cole assumed Jewell was a waitress or a dancer and she took it so well without offence; she must get that a lot. About the last part, oh my. Did not see that coming.

  4. *gasps* Well.. Despite hating blind dates, sometimes they do end pretty well XD!
    Ow oww, Cole! I like Jewell, she’s really pretty.
    I’m happy to see Max and Cordelia finally got together.

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