23 comments on “3.7 The Surprise (part 1)

    • I agree. If it would have been me I would have said something, but Isabella is different, she is shy and quiet, and doesn’t like to cause a scene like I would have done. They will get together though I promise you. 🙂 Thank you so much for the comment!

  1. Argh! I want to go into your game, grab Isabella and go: That was a goodbye hug! He was breaking up with her to be with you!

    And I’m shocked she didn’t make a connection between Emelia and Cole, they do have very similar facial features.

    • Yeah, I thought long and hard about that too Seera. But in the end I decided that Emelia was a redhead and Cole has black hair and blue eyes, while Emelia has green. Thanks for reading and commenting. Its always appreciated. ❤

  2. Awwww I love this chapter. It’s so sweet that Isabella followed him back but unfortunate she found him talking to Jewell. This is brilliant. Can’t wait for the next one.

  3. This chapter was so worth the wait 😉 Poor Izzy, taking the wrong idea. This may seem weird but I can’t wait for when they meet up again. It needs to be straightened out T____T Can’t wait for the next read!

  4. Poor Izzy. The old “Jumping without looking” problem. See something and immediately assume the worst. How often has it gotten us into trouble?

  5. I just finished up reading your legacy 🙂 I wish I had left more comments throughout it but I totally forgot I had a wordpress account sorry! Anyway I loved it all, it was amazing!! Oh and I think Isabelle was being a bit to hasty but I guess I could understand it, I guess. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    Oh by the way, I’m Kayla Brett on the forums 🙂

  6. I wonder what mischief Demi is going to make of all this. lol

    Poor Isabella, working herself up like this when she doesn’t even know what she is assuming she knows. 😦

    It just goes to show – you should always give somebody the benefit of the doubt until you talk to them.

  7. Ok… so not going to lie to you, but I got a little annoyed with Isabella in the beginning. This is a testament to your writing being good however. I hate it that girls assume the worst all the time, (it may be a generalization), without giving the guy a chance to explain his side. I realize since I already know what happened in previous chapters from Cole’s side, but if I saw a guy hugging another girl, no kissing or making out, I wouldn’t just jump to the conclusion that the girl was his girlfriend. I am biased though, cause I’ve had bad experiences with girls, which causes me to get annoyed with girls faster than guys. Sorry I’m rambling.
    However, I do like Isabella and am glad she met Emilia, I only hope that she doesn’t lash out at Emilia and not give her a chance to explain things either because she’s only going to make herself sad if she does that. Forgive my comment for being off topic? LOL.

    • Yeah you are right. A lot of the times girls do expect the worst and assume the worst. Thanks so much for the comment. Your comment wasn’t off topic at all. 🙂

  8. Ooh good work recreating Isabella! I like her cowboy outfit. Poor Izzy, I guess she jumped to conclusions but was afraid to confront Cole about it because it would make her look like a stalker…especially since she moved halfway across the country! Aww I like how you mentioned your nearby animal shelter. I don’t get why some people think that giving someone a cat/dog/pet to take care of as a Christmas present is a good idea. 😦

    • Yeah I would worry if it were me that he would think I was a stalker for moving. Good point! And I agree. There are so many animals out there. I wish I could adopt them all 😦

  9. Ugh I HATE how women sometimes jump to conclusions when they see a guy with a girl. If they didn’t kiss, they probably aren’t together. LOL
    I think it’s funny that the only other people she talked to after she ran from Cole were both his sisters. LMAO

  10. Hmm.. I don’t really understand why Isabella thinks that Cole is cheating on her. It’s funny how right at that moment, he’s breaking it off with the girl to be with Isabella and she just thinks the worst.. Ugh! I hope she doesn’t hold this against him forever, she has to talk to him sometime. :/

    • Sadly some girls jump to conclusions and have it in their minds that guys and girls cannot be friends, and if a guy and a girl are spotted together then they must be screwing. LOL thanks for reading!

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