15 comments on “Game updates = crashing

  1. Hey, you’ll have to go through your mods one by one to figure out the one that’s giving problems. I was having the same issue so I had to do it the hard way to figure out what was wrong with mine.

  2. I had the same problem a few times before. Now, when I start up my game launcher I immediately get a message that says “Unable To Connect To Origin.” So it is impossible for me to update anymore. I guess that’s a good thing in this case. Though I plan on buying Island Paradise soon, so I hope that doesn’t cause any problems…

  3. Don’t you just hate EA updates? *sigh* I’m still struggling to go through my CC to see if it’ll load without much effort but alas, it’s not working. It wouldn’t load at all until I took out pose player which is weird. Welp, back to sorting through all these gigs of CC. Hope you get your problem sorted out too ^^

  4. Awesome. *rolls eyes at EA* LOL. I hope you figure it out eventually. It always ends up working again, as you probably already know. 😀 Hope you don’t have to wait too long to use your mods again.

  5. I know it´s a bit late for that, but I found crinricts blog pretty helpful on the subject of updating…. personally, I did never install Origin, so I have to update manually anyway. And I use the superpatch links on crinricts blog for that….
    and I still broke some saves with 1.55 . Sigh. If it´s any comfort, nraas has already updated all mods

    • Well it wont let me into the game at all. It wont even load. I took out all mods, and disabled all CC and it still wont work. So its not a mod or a CC problem. 😦

  6. There seems robe a lot of problems with the latest update. I’m no expert but have you tried clearing your cache? It helps a lot and can clear most glitches.(not all)

    • Yeah a lot of people had that problem. I got it worked out now. Only one of my saves worked, and it was an older one. Never want to update again. 😦

  7. I too have been plagued by crashing which has delayed my posts! Can’t wait to read the next chapter whenever you do post. happy simming

    • EA claims another victim. 😦 Hope you get your problems worked out soon! Another update will be up soon, probably today unless I pass out from heat exhaustion or something. haha

      • no passing out allowed! yep I got the crashing under control. actually just got my first EC12 EVER!!!!! I’d heard about it, never seen it. I truly have been lucky but now 😦 not so much. i’ll be purchasing a new rig (just learned that lingo the other day) next month; not b/c I think it’ll solve my problems but b/c my fingers are cramping playing and doing school work on a laptop. so I’ll have a shiny new desktop- to game and write papers- yay (only to the gaming bit booo to the writing papers bit).

    • Eh! Error 12. The game strikes down another victim! Congrats though on getting a new computer that will be good. Boo to having to write papers though, but hey you will be doing it on a brand new and shiny PC!!

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