18 comments on “3.8 Unromantic proposal.

  1. This chapter made me laugh so much. Hooray for Cole and Izzy! Short and simple weddings are my favorite. I hope Izzy is pregnant and doesn’t have some other sort of sickness wrong with her… Suspense!

    • I’m glad the chapter made you laugh. 🙂 Short and simple weddings are my favorite too, I’ve been to way to many that bored me to tears. >.< lol

  2. Oh yay. Two weddings! Hmm. Maybe isabella caught a stomach bug. Ugh, Max in a suit looks so hot. Holy crap. *faints* I’m glad that Garrett offered Cole a job doing IT for his bank.

  3. Hey Amandralynn. I’m a nurse too (icu). So awesome that Cole and Izzy got married. Cosmo and Conn will be getting married at the courthouse as well. He has expressed wishes to not have a large wedding.

    I hope Izzy is just ill.

    • Oh awesome! I bet that’s stressful, yet rewarding. I’d love to get into the hospital, I work at a nursing home for the moment. Anyhoo. Yay for courthouse weddings! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  4. Aww what a cute wedding…really bossy of Cordy’s mom not to let her get married at a beach though geez. I’m glad Cole’s mom is so nice to Isbella, Isabella really is a sweet girl. And yep, Isabella, you are pregnant. 😀

    • LOL yup! you are so right. That’s why I did the wedding the way I did. I can’t see Cole going all out, and Isabella is way to shy for a huge wedding also. LOL Thanks for the comment!

  5. OMG! That’s a fantastic chapter!

    I’m using my boyfriends computer and he has an HD screen and your pictures look absolutely gorgeous!! I especially adore the one where Isabella is laying on Cole’s chest – It just makes her look so young and earnest. I adore it.

    I laughed out loud when Isabella spilled wine all over Bree. It’s so weird seeing the wild wonder Breelynn as an old woman… I don’t think I’ll ever get over the whole aging thing – I chalk it up to having a very young family (my mom had kids at 18 and she was born before her mother was 20).

    I really hope that Isabella is ok! quick! ontothenextchapter!!!!

    • Thanks so much! Glad the pictures look good! I have a Kindle HD, and my pics look awesome on that as well, my moniter, yeah not so much. Yeah Bree is older now, its weird seeing her like that. I get sad when my sims get older and die. I cried when Lucy died of old age. Pathetic I know. Breelynn is still alive and kickin though 🙂

  6. Awww, what a cute wedding 😀 I’m happy that Cole and Bella got married! Their wedding was a lot like mine, I loved it XD
    Oh yeah, and I’ve been meaning to comment about this, but your female Sims are all so gorgeous, you’re very good at making them! 😀

    • Thanks! I try to make them look unique and different, sadly I wish men were easier for me to make. I have a hard time with them. I don’t know why. I can’t make a good looking guy to save my life. LOL

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