14 comments on “3.9 Complications

  1. holy crap their having twins! at least he will get a son and her the daughter. i’m glad she made it pass the surgery and sad this will be her only pregnancy.

    • Oh man I hope she doesn’t have twins, but then again maybe for Isabella I do hope she has them. Maybe this time i’ll actually make her watch the kids channel. LOL

  2. I’m glad Isabella is all right and that she’ll be okay. Max’s eyes look really blue in this chapter, it caught me by surprise, since they’re normally green. Is he wearing contacts or something? LOL. Congrats to him and Cordelia! *gets excited to see Max’s baby* 😀

  3. Phew, so glad she’s ok and happy the baby is going to be alright. Cordelia is preggers too :O the babehs will be best friends xD at least I hope they are, that would be so sweet ❤

  4. Such a pleasure to finally get caught up with your story! I, too, am having computer problems. I feel for you. You are doing great hanging in there and getting everything recreated–I would have thrown in the towel!! LOL! Keeping my fingers crossed that Isabella has quads–get a mess of kids all at once!!

    • hey! Long time no see. I hope your are doing well. 🙂 I’m sorry about your computer issues. I hope they get worked out soon! Thanks a bunch for the comment and popping by and saying hi. 🙂

  5. Aww. I’m sure Cole will be a good dad. 🙂

    I feel for Isabella. That’s terrible. But, at least they’ll have one right 🙂

  6. Aww, you can really tell that Cole’s going to be a good dad yay!
    I felt sorry for Isabella 😦 I love big families too and knowing she can’t have any more kids makes me sad. But, hopefully this pregnancy goes well T_T

    • Yeah Cole is going to be an awesome dad. I agree! And yes, its hard for Isabella, because having a huge family is something she’s always wanted. It would be devastating news. Thanks for reading!

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