17 comments on “3.10 First time fathers

    • Thank you so much! I cheated and went into CAS and looked at him. He’s cute. He’s a good blend of both his parents, but favors Cole a little more, but with Isabella’s coloring. His eyes are a brownish grey like his grandfather’s (Milo)

      I guess this comment should be labled spoiler alert! haha. Thanks for the comment!!

    • Thanks for the comment hun! Yeah they both are cute. I put them both into CAS, and they both grow up to be studs. Finn looks like Cole with a little splash of Isabella with his blond hair, and Mason has black hair like his mom, and green eyes like Max, he is a clone of his dad though with his facial features *Swoons*

  1. I am so doing a happy dance right now. I was born at 4:22 AM which was a little freaky to me but a good type =D Finn is now my favorite xD I can’t wait to read the next chapter… well yes I can, I’ll have to lol. So excited to see how they (Finn & Mason) look older.

    • Woah! Cool. When I was writing that, I just got those numbers in my head, so that’s what I wrote down. Cool coincidence. Well I peaked, and both Finn and Mason are cuties when the grow up, so no worries!

  2. Awww babies! LOL. I’m glad Isabella made it through all of that with no more complications. It’s too bad Cole’s encounter with his father didn’t go over well, but I don’t blame Cole one bit for feeling like he does. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to see the guy who was supposed to be there for you, but chose to drink and kidnap you instead. As always *dies from Max* LOL!

    • Yay babies!! I don’t blame Cole for how he acted either. Its a tough situation, and his father put him and his mother through hell. I doubt I would forgive so easily either. Thanks for the comment!!

  3. Wait so Max Zenteri is the same Max from LateKnightSimmer?! They did look awfully alike. lol!

    Gorgeous job on the house, especially the dining room and the treehouse! Cole was harsh to his dad about rotting in prison, although it must have been hard on Cole growing up. 😦 I think Cole’ll be a good dad since he keeps worrying about needing to be a good father. 🙂

    • Yup! Max is the creation of the one and only Lateknightsimmer. 🙂

      thanks for the comment on the house. I was proud of it. I suck at decorating, and hate doing so! That it turned out so good makes me happy! And yes, he was harsh to his dad, but he had been through a lot as a child, and it took its toll on him emotionally. And yes, I agree. he will be an awesome dad. The ones who worry if they will be, usually are!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like the new look of the house. Decorating is definitely NOT my forte. In fact, I actually rather suck at it. I download houses that are already decorated, so I don’t have to decorate them myself. LMAO

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