16 comments on “3.11 Tempting Fate

  1. Damn it. That was intense and so so sad. I completely understand Bella’s need to have this baby. To give him the house full of children he wants. And I can also relate to Cole’s anger that she would risk leaving him and their son for one life.

    There is no right side in this at all. I hope both mother and child make it through alive and healthy.

  2. first off amanda you are not a lowly nurse. nurses are the 2nd most important people in the hospital. without them doctors would be screwed. now to the chapter i serously hope isabelle and the baby make it out of the hospital.

    • Awww thanks Terrika. I know im not, I was just playing when I wrote that. I actually know quite a bit on the subject, but I kind of bended it a little to suit the story to how I saw fit. Thank you so much for the comment. 🙂

  3. IZZY NO! Waaaaaaah! She’s too young to die! And Finn & Cole are too young to be without her T-T Oh god, I can’t take the suspense. I hope she’ll be okay. To be honest I’m with Cole on the not seeing the baby… I would hate it a little inside too if that ever happened to me. But I don’t like kids so it probably won’t. Well I guess the good news is that Finn has a sister =D And nurses aren’t lowly that’s like saying vet techs are lowly T_T we(nurses and vet techs) do most of the work lol

  4. I think they’re both selfish. Neither even wanted to consider how the other felt with how they wanted the pregnancy to go. They should have decided to take a few days to talk over their fears and all that good stuff before deciding, even if they ended up with the same decision of not aborting the baby. It might have made the pregnancy that much easier if Bella hadn’t been angry at Cole.

    Loved the update, though!

    • Definitly. You are so right on that. They both are selfish and think that they are right. It had to be hard facing all this while angry with your spouse. Thanks for the comment!!

  5. I’m with Cole on this one. Ok. What is it with women and thinking their lives are not as important as a baby’s life, especially when the baby isn’t even like developed much yet? What is it? (I’m being rhetorical here, and not angry at you or expecting you to answer that, LOL, just fyi)
    What the *balls hands up in fists* LOL, if she had just terminated the pregnancy, she would have been healthy with Cole and Finn, now she’s in a coma and she left the two of them alone. As far as my feelings go, Isabella left Cole and Finn the day she decided to have a risky pregnancy when she knew it could go wrong.
    🙂 Now, you are a great writer for instilling all these emotions in me, darling. *hugs*

    • I get where you are coming from and I agree. Clearly, there is no easy solution here, but she should have at least listened to Cole, and give him a chance to explain his feelings. She did what so many woman do, and i’m not saying they are wrong, but they tend to sacrifice themselves for the good of others, like their own lives don’t matter, which they do. In this case, Cole is effected, and little Finn. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Ugh I’m so mad at Isabella for being so set on a risky pregnancy, she stayed pregnant even at the risk of losing her life, and taking her away from Cole and Finn. Maybe she was thinking more of her baby when she made that decision, but she should have been thinking of the family she already had. Ugh the feels.

  7. Oh God. What a terrible thing to happen! At least there’s hope though….

    I’m a little upset with Cole, what with his promises that he’d “never abandon his children like his father had.” 😦 But, I can understand that he’s under a LOT of stress right now. I hope they both end up ok in the end…

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