16 comments on “3.12 Sleeping beauty

  1. Loved the update! I hope her foot twitching means she’s coming out of it and that the stroke didn’t do too much damage.

  2. Aw poor Cole, it must be hard for him and confusing for little Finn. I love the name Giselle, it sounds so exotic. I hope Izzy is coming out of her coma =(

    • lol yeah Giselle is a fancy name. I couldn’t find many G baby names that I liked, so yeah. Does it go with Finn really, no, not really, but oh well. HAHA. Cole can be the one to blame for that one. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I’m still pretty pissed at Isabella for her decision, and this chapter pretty much was what I thought Cole would be feeling because of her decision. She thought she was doing what was good for him, but leaving him alone to raise the children is most definitely not good for him. He can’t even look at them without crying because they (well, Finn) asks about Isabella all the time. *snuggles Cole*

  4. Oh man. That was heart wrenching and I started crying when he started talking to his daughter…but foot twitching. Oh thank the goddess!!!

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