11 comments on “Generation 4 Prologue:

  1. So, Harrison, huh? He’s cute…wink wink nudge nudge.

    If my mom ever moved me while I was in high school, I would have died and never spoken to her again. Seriously…Elle is a better person than me. ijs

    • My parents did do this to me in high school, and it sucked so so bad. LOL. I got over it eventually, but I was pretty nasty to my mom for awhile. Moved me to a school where the other kids were horrible, and on my first week I got shoved to the ground and kicked by a group of girls. I got to to back to my old school, my mom had to drive me every day, but it was so worth it. LOL. Thanks for reading! 🙂 And yes, Harrison is cute. You should see what he looks like when he grows up, Yes, I cheated and peeked, he’s a stud.

  2. UGH. My parents did this to me not while I was in high school, but right before I started high school. It didn’t make it any better because it was the same idea, leave a familiar place and all my friends. I totally related to Giselle here, LOL, and I asked my parents if I could live with my next door neighbor instead. ROFL. Aww, Giselle and Harrison are both so adorable! Hahah.

    • Ahhh parents. LOL. They just don’t understand. Thanks for reading and commenting! Giselle and Harrison are cute I agree. Giselle looks a lot like Breelynn minus the freckles, she has Cole’s nose. I’m never going to get rid of those blue eyes, they have been in every generation. Sam 1st generation, Breelynn, 2nd Generation. Cole 3rd Generation, now Giselle 4th Generation. Sigh. LOL

  3. Lol, good planning on moving them, and I like that you worked it into the story. I wonder if that’s what broke my game for good finally… I should keep an eye on that.

    I read your comment about the eyes and laughed. I know what you mean, I was super disappointed when all Zeke’s kids were born with blond hair. It’s just that variety is nice I guess. lol

    • Yeah my save was getting so big from townies moving in all the time and what not. I didn’t want it blowing up like the last one did, so I figured I would act now before it got too bad. It pained me to move though, as I loved that town and I had it the way I wanted it perfectly. Oh well. And yeah, those blue eyes, I don’t think they will ever go away….Damn Sam for passing the blue eyes down all the way to the 4th generation. LOL.

  4. Same thing happened to me my junior year. At the time I was so angry. Took me years to get over it. Wasn’t till college and then meeting my husband that I realized moving was better in the long run. Hope Giselle has an easier time. 🙂

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