10 comments on “4.1 The New House

  1. awh, great chapter. I like Giselle, sure, she seems a bit bratty but she IS a typical teenager here, and moving away from your hometown when you’re 17 would be awful, so the way she’s acting is totally understandable. I hope that she’ll make friends at school. At least she has the chance to start over and reinvent herself, and that’s always a good thing!

  2. Bratty like rl, I’d say *g*
    You know, whenever somebody starts beaming about how GREAT it will be to be a mom/ dad I can’t help but grill madly ;oP
    Actually, I am bit worried about Harrison. I doubt that he has forgotten about her so soon…
    Great update ^^

    • LOL same here! I love being a mom, but man, some days I just want to slam my head against the wall. I know it will only get worse through the teen years. Mine is only 8. It wont be long….sigh. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! 🙂

  3. Haha, I think Giselle still being annoyed is realistic since she didn’t want to move in the first place. Then sitting in a moving van for hours having your butt fall asleep, then having your best friend not return any texts?! Yes, I’d be bratty too. ROFL. I liked seeing Finn and Mason. 😀 Cole and Isabella were really nice to give her the entire third floor to herself though. I loved Isabella’s face when they were talking about beer. LOL.

    • LOL Yeah I had to throw in Finn and Mason into the chapter, only cause they both are good looking. I wish my parents would have given me a whole floor to myself, she is pretty spoiled. Its a huge house though! I liked her face too when Mason was talking about needing a beer. LOL

  4. Lol, I thought it was really believable. I laughed at the thought that the house was her dirty mistress. I thought it was really cool that she’s artistic and quiet, though it makes me worry A LOT about what she’s going to do in the next few chapters to “reinvent” herself… though I suppose we’ve all gone through that stage. 😛

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