11 comments on “4.3 Tough Love

  1. i hate it when brothers are right and nothing says your college brother roommate sees you as a kid like being kiddo. i feel so sorry for giselle i hope she finds true love. her father did, and her father’s mother did and her father’s mother’s mother did.

    • Giselle is at that age where she wants to be seen as more of an adult then a kid. I think we all go through that at some point. I want to smack her and tell her to be a kid for as long as possible and enjoy it while you can! Thanks for reading!

  2. Poor Giselle. This really, really sucks. I remember having a crush on a guy much older than me… felt like such a retard knowing he would never get with a kid like me. Brilliant chapter, you portrayed her feelings superbly 🙂 ❤

    • I also had that happen to me, and it sucked when I realized I was nothing more to a kid to him. I remember being crushed back then, and now i’m just like ‘whatever’ Thanks for reading!!!

  3. I didn’t even realize Ryan had Ryan’s name until you pointed that out xD But the Hunt Ryan is better, he has a dog and I stand by my word lol. Poor Giselle. Maybe things will look up for her when she starts school. I was in that same boat at least 3 times in a school year since we moved alot and I hated when my mom said to make new friends. I always thought “my new friends won’t be as cool as my old friends.” but turns out they were. I hope Giselle finds new trustworthy friends.

    • Hehehe. That’s good then! I’m so unoriginal *Rolls eyes* Its crazy how many people have been in Giselle’s situation, and can identify with her. Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Awww-haww, poor little Giselle. It’s so sad that she feels like such a loser and she’s so lonely. She’s not though, LOL, confidence does a person a world of good. Maybe she can find some confidence somewhere along the line. Ha-ha the Ryan squared thing was kind of funny, I did notice it, but I was thinking, hmm guess Amandralynn really likes that name. XD
    Ryan in here is so hot. Too bad he called her a kid. Aww, I don’t know if he meant anything bad by it, but poor Giselle took it so hard.

    • You are right. Giselle needs confidence. Hehehe. I figured you would notice the Ryan thing. I had it stuck in my head from that movie I watched, I didn’t even realize it at first. ROFL. Thanks for reading

  5. aww I feel bad for Giselle. She’s super pretty though 🙂 I think she and Ryan would look so good together. Riselle–ship it. LOL 😀 I have a feeling I’m going to really like this generation though. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

  6. I finally found the time to read through all the chapters so I’m caught up with the Gallaghers! I’m so glad you decided to continue writing. Looking forward to the next chapter, I think you’ve captured teenage angst beautifully in Giselle 🙂

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