About the blog:

Welcome to my first Legacy Blog.  My first Legacy Starts out with Lucy Gallagher, and I’ll follow her and her descendents. (male or female) for 10 generations or more.  Why a legacy?  Because I’ve always been interested in seeing how long I can grow a family tree, and the dynamics between families have always interested me.


  • Heirs can be male or female
  • alphabetical naming scheme will be followed
  • heirs will be decided on by a vote
  • No points will be recorded as I change the rules slightly to benefit the story
  • No cheats used, except testingcheatsenabled true, move_objects, ect.
  • Mods, as well as story progression, traveler, whoohooer, ect are allowed

A note to new readers:

First off I’d like to thank you for visiting and hopefully reading. 🙂 I’d also like to take a moment to add that I’ve come along way in this legacy, and I couldn’t imagine when I started it that I would have stuck with it this long! When I first started this legacy I was a complete novice, I had no idea what I was doing, and my writing skills were sort of….lacking.  So I guess this is just me asking to go beyond the first couple pages and give the story a chance to unfold. It really does get pretty good, with lots of drama and suspense! (I hope)  And again! Welcome, and thank you for reading!

About the author:

My real name is Amanda, and I’ve been a sims fan since the very first game came out.  I have an 8-year-old daughter, a fiance, and a silly hyper active puppy named Roscoe.

I hope that you enjoy this legacy as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it…

3 comments on “About

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  2. I was wondering, could you put a link for you’re other legacies in a responding comment? I’ve heard you’ve done a another one, but not sure the name.

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